EVE Ship Chart

Welcome capsuleers! In this short post we are going to take a look at the eve ship chart, some of the surprises it contains and more importantly what you need to learn to make sure you fly safely and effectively.

It’s so Big!

OK first up, something to consider, when you are looking at the eve ship chart, remember the bigger the shop, the less maneuverable it will be and the slower it will be at getting to warp speed. What can you learn by this? Well if you are a PvP player, find the ships smaller than the one you fly on the chart and these are the ones that are most likely to chase you down in a fight. If you are a PvE player, then the larger the ship compared to your own, then as a rule of thumb, the more damage it will do to you. Simple concepts but there are some surprises on the eve ship chart. So take a look again at the eve ship chart to check out the battle cruisers for example, who would have thought they were actually that small?

eve ship chart

Trader Beware

Look at your ships traders, they are all huge! This makes them a big fat target with a huge signature radius, making them easy pickings for pirates. And just look at your capital class transports! They are the most lumbering ships in the game. Lesson to learn, no matter how good a pilot you think you are as a trader, your ships are no match for even the smallest frigate!

Battleship Shocker

There was a time a few years back when the battleship was the cream of the crop. The bad ass vessel with fleet dominating firepower and tanking abilities. This of course all began to change when Tech II ships started to appear but things have gotten far worse for the average battleship pilot. Just look at the size of them compared to full capital ships! Almost half the size of a cap ship especially the Apocalypse, but with a tenth of the firepower and defenses. Check the eve ship chart out for the Raven and Scorpion though, both Caldari battleships are smaller, possibly one of the reasons they can be so effective.

OK so some of the above is written very tongue in cheek, but it does give us a very good reason for the next subject heading.

All is fair in War

As we have pointed out above, there are some surprising contradictions in the size of some ships, and if the flight characteristics were truly affected by the actual size of the shop model, things might be a little unfair!

However, CCP the makers of EVE have done things differently, to even out the playing field. Take a look at the Apocalypse battleship against the Raven battleship for example. On the eve ship chart they appear to be entirely different sizes. Yet in game, they perform quite similarly with regard to agility, top speed and acceleration. They may look different sizes, but the laws of physics (are least in the EVE universe) sees them the same.