The Art of EVE by Reynir Hardarson.

It captures some of the most splendid images from the EVE Online universe from the good looks of the glowing nebulae and to the event horizon of destruction originating from a Titan’s Fist. This book brought several of the reasons that I play EVE to mind in a fresh and radiant light.

I love it’s construction and presentation.

It has plenty of incredible elaborate spaceship designs, sketches, and highly refined pictures and 3D images. The artists’ indicate in the captions that they were inspired by Star Wars but their designs are unique and undoubtedly bear no similarity. Most of the art designs are produced out sized enough to see all the parts of the spaceships and character.

The only flaw i have with the entire package is that the character art is quite a bit lower quality than the ships. But then again it’s all about the ships really.

This book is for those who are into the art of EVE Online with spaceships, planetary art and solar explosions. And It is definitely a book well worth the money.